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All our products are 100% Natural Eco-Friendly, Vegan

& Non Toxic

Why choose Mello Scentsations?


    Unlike regular store bought  Paraffin wax candles,  our candles are Non Toxic 100% natural eco-friendly hand poured made with Soy and Shea butter, wooden wicks and an amazing blend of "scentsational" scents and aromas, using all natural essential oils

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Each candle is custom made and hand poured  to suit your relaxation needs, each candle has a clean and longer lasting burning times then the typical Paraffin wax candles

Candle Burning Times

3oz up to 20hrs

8oz up to 50 hrs

16oz up to 80 hrs

Soothing Scents & long lasting burn


We also have 100% Natural Non Toxic Soy and Shea butter wax melts, in packs of 6  

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